Do This….When You Don’t Know What to Do

16 יונ
Do This….When You Don’t Know What to Do

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Most people, maybe all people, certainly me, experience times in their life where they don?t know what to do. That doesn?t make them weak people. That doesn?t make them dumb people. It also doesn?t make them less likely to succeed…. unless they do nothing because they don?t know what to do.

Hopefully you have someone in your life that you can bounce ideas and problems off of. It could be a coach or a mentor. Possibly a close friend or family member. The importance of having someone in your life that you trust enough to share anything with cannot be overstated. If you don?t have that person or even better, people, then you need to find one.

But sometimes, even with help, your next move can be hard to determine. You?re not sure what to do next.

Because that?s happened to me from time to time I?ve received lots of…

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